5 Wedding Poses You Shouldn’t Miss

For a young couple that’s decided to tie the knot, creating the best and most memorable wedding portrait during that big day is a must. Having a wedding portrait is essential since it signifies them as one new family.

However, creating that perfect pose is not easy, and it would take a lot of practice and knowing the basics to create one. It is also important to note that in every portrait you make, make sure that it genuinely portrays your love and connection to one another. To help you achieve on such, you can seek the help of the best wedding photographer Houston.

In this article, we have listed below the five wedding pose you shouldn’t miss on the best day of your life as a married couple.

Standing Next to Each Other

It may sound familiar and straightforward, but it can still create a beautiful portrait that shows a perfect connection as a newlywed couple. To ensure that ideal connection will be captured, try to hold each hand together like it’s your first time. There’s also another way in doing this kind of pose. While the other is doing the traditional pose, have the other stand facing away from the camera.

Standing While Facing Each Other

Another classic yet straightforward wedding pose. With this kind of pose, it has the potential to effectively brings out that connection between the two couple. It is essential that the couple stand closer and let them show their compassion with one another naturally. The couple may also add some drama such as looking passionately with their eyes, or putting their hand on each others waist, or ultimately a passionate kiss.

Standing With The Bride Or Groom Behind

Gone are the days where only the groom stands behind his bride in every wedding picture. It offers a whole new angle of twist and fun. Either of the couples can wrap their arm around the waist of their partner and slightly lean their head closer. They can also even passionately look with their eyes while doing this pose.

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Holding Hands Passionately

There are lots of different ways of creating a pose while holding hands. Have it look more natural, it is better to let the couple become comfortable with the cameramen let them hold their hands passionately like it’s their first time to fall in love. The couple can do this pose while standing, or sitting on a couch together or while walking by the seaside.

While Seated Side by side

This pose however sometimes create an awkward look depending on the gown of the bride. But with a perfect angle, it can also create an exciting and memorable portrait.

Focuses On the Wedding Ring

The wedding rings symbolize the couple’s infinite love and commitment. It is also good to have a portrait that focuses on not just only the couple but also to their wedding ring as a symbol of their love. Since the rings are quite small, it might need a lot of different angles and shot to capture that insta-worthy picture of your wedding ring.

There you have it. Those are the six essential wedding pose you shouldn’t miss during your wedding day pictorial. For more professional help, visit Apex Photography Source at this address.


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