Get the Wedding Photos You Want Most and Avoid Disappointment

Ever wished that tying the knot isn’t as complicated as most of your married friends said it would be? Want your own big day to go according to plan and as plain sailing as possible?

Well, the turnaround is mostly up to you—with the help of vendors, of course. And the secret is to have a list of everything you need to buy and do.

Now, there’s one aspect you might not have thought of organising: your photo album. Most newlyweds don’t realise the huge importance of their pictures until they’ve seen these. Only then will they discover that they wanted to have a shot of specific moments or they didn’t like certain angles.

Avoid possible disappointment and frustration a few months after your wedding day by hiring an expert based near your venue.

Fancy an intimate gathering at Point Cartwright Beach in Buddina? Love to exchange “I do” in Mapleton Falls National Park amidst lush foliage? In that case, work with a

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer. With a professional’s expertise and skills, along with the following suggested checklist, you can expect beautiful memories captured in high-quality photos.

  1. Engagement shoot

This is the perfect time to get to know the photographer more. Build rapport and learn to feel more comfortable with him because you’ll be dealing with him until he delivers the photo album.

  1. Pre-ceremony

Those hours before exchanging vows symbolise the journey towards becoming husband and wife. So, it makes much sense to include the bride and groom’s preparations, which usually include shots of:

  • the bride’s white dress, shoes, jewellery, bouquet
  • the groom’s suit, shoes, jewellery or cuff links, garter
  • the rings
  • the hair and makeup process
  • other outfits
  • parents and bride/parents and groom
  • bride with entourage/groom with entourage
  1. Trip to the venue

This moment makes the big day unforgettable and a photo of that instant when the bride gets out of the car should not be missed. Other moments worth immortalising in photos include:

  • arrival of the bridal car
  • bride with the flower girls
  • groom with the pageboys
  • bride getting in, already inside or getting out the vehicle
  1. First look

If you and your partner decide to see each before the ceremony, don’t forget to have those reactions frozen in time. That first gaze on your partner after seeing him/her in a wedding outfit is a precious moment. It definitely needs space in the photo album.

bride and groom

Capture that look of loveCredit By:

William J Sisti, CC BY-SA 2.0 (no changes made)

  1. Ceremony

When it comes to this part, there are certainly lots of elements the photographer has to consider. But, don’t worry because a pro already knows what to do. Expect to have these images:

  • The altar, interior and exterior details
  • The guests’ expressions – it would be touching to see your mum or dad teary-eyed in pictures
  • You and your partner getting in the car together
  • The guests hugging the newlyweds
  1. Reception

The final part of the celebration will be full of surprises, and the photographer will be there to capture every candid or beautiful moment. As a tip, assign someone to round up everyone who needs to be in the group pictures. Take note, this person shouldn’t be from the bride or groom’s entourage. It could be the emcee or the event organiser.

Some of the most important shots include:

  • Venue set-up, exterior and interior details
  • Wedding cake
  • Table set-up
  • Bride and groom arriving
  • Cake slicing
  • Toast and speeches
  • Handing out of favours and/or thank you cards
  1. Bride and groom leaving

Finally, there should be a picture of everyone wishing the couple farewell as they head to the car and drive away. You might also want these moments included:

  • The groom opening the car door for the bride
  • Bride’s parents/groom’s parents hugging their son/daughter
  • Bride and groom’s in-laws hugging each of the newly weds

End note:

These are not the only photos you’d want to see in the album. Surely, you have your own expectations. Ask yourself, “Which shots do I want to include?” then discuss the details with your hired photographer.


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