Obtaining a Wedding Photographer and Determining Desired Shots

Since your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life, it is important to choose just the right wedding photographer. The more experienced they are the more likely they will be able to provide you with the high quality photos that you want to remember your wedding day by.

Word of mouth is often the best way to find a talented wedding photographer. Asking friends and family who were recently married can lead you to a photographer you might not have found otherwise. Another option is to research wedding photographers online and view a few for testimonials from previous clients. Review sites can also help you determine the wedding photographer you should hire.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography suited to you

Part of searching for the right wedding photographer is ensuring before you hire them that they are able and willing to take the photos you want taken the most. There is nothing worse than entering into a contract with a wedding photographer and then finding out that they don’t have the means or aren’t willing to take the shots you want.

This can be avoided by making a list of the shots that you have your heart set on, before meeting with potential wedding photographers. Discussing each of those shots gives you and the photographer a clear picture of your expectations for your wedding day.

Some wedding photographers are more laid back than others. While there are photographers that will shoot almost any pose you want there are also photographers who refuse to take shots other than the standard, traditional ones. It is important to choose a laid back photographer if you want shots that differ from the type of shots older generations of couples insisted on having taken at their wedding. For instance, Lee Glasgow is a wedding photographer based in Leicestershire that has a very relaxed and informal approach to wedding photography, setting himself aside from the competition in the process.

Communication with your photographer is key

Your photographer can discuss with you, which shots can be done and which shots would cause problems or be too time consuming for your wedding day. If this becomes a major concern, there are wedding photographers that are often willing to take the important photos of the wedding party hours before the ceremony begins. This also applies to having photos taken with both sets of parents.

Whether your wedding is local or a destination wedding also determines which shots you can realistically expect your photographer to be able to take. Destination weddings often call for more creative shots than local weddings do because you often have beautiful backdrops that capture the essence of your destination wedding. For example, if you get married at Niagara Falls, a standard shot of the bride and groom involves having the waterfalls in the background of the pictures.

One of the best ways to determine if a wedding photographer will take the shots that you want them to take is by asking to view a portfolio of their past work. Any qualified wedding photographer will be able and willing to show you a portfolio of their work, and if they don’t have one be weary of using their services.


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