Pizza Catering for Your Wedding – Where to Start

Nowadays, weddings can be quite the expense. From hiring the entertainment to decorating the venue, all parties involved here will be spending a lot of money. That’s why it is so important to find shortcuts here to bring down the costs of the ceremony. Thankfully, catering a wedding with pizza is one way.

There are a lot of benefits that come with pizza catering. For starters, it is definitely a cheaper option than turning to a catering company. At most weddings today, the entries for guests include costly meals like chicken, steak, fillet Mignon and salmon. With foods like this, those throwing the wedding may end up spending over a hundred dollars on each person. Pizza, though, is a food that practically everyone enjoys and it only costs a few dollars a slice. With pizza, everyone is covered as it can be created in a way that meets all types of diets and preferences.


Pizza provides a popular option for all

Besides this, pizza is a great dish to have catered because it can be spiced up in so many different ways. Depending what topping is placed on the pizza, the meal itself changes completely. Everything from pepperoni to pineapples can be put on a pizza. However, when pizza is being catered for a wedding, it is important to have a vast variety of toppings to choose from. There has to be plenty of veggies and fruits for the vegetarians as well as sausages, buffalo chicken and other proteins for the meat lovers. Then, there obviously has to be some plain cheese pizzas for the pickiest eaters. Those throwing the wedding have to consider each guest and make sure there is something for every single person to eat.

The volume of people definitely has to be taken into consideration. There should be plenty of pizza pies ordered so that each person can eat at least two slices. That is the typical serving size, as one pie can feed roughly four individuals. Remember, though, it is always better to have leftover food than not enough so order in excess. While there are some sceptics out there who believe that pizza and weddings do not mix at all, this really is one of the best foods to have on hand over all those other fancy dishes traditionally found at weddings. It is a real crowd pleaser, cost effective and can be done up in all kinds of way.


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