Why Choose Mobile Pizza Catering for Your Wedding

Pepperoni. Bacon with pineapple. Four cheese. No matter how you slice it, pizza counts as a food that most people love. However, when planning the catering for a wedding, pizza may not be the first food that pops into your head. But why not? Aside from having “favorite-food” status with many people, the variety of toppings and side dishes make it ideal for a diverse crowd. And fortunately, plenty of places around the UK offer mobile pizza catering, making this wedding-food choice easier than ever.

Possible Toppings

To appeal to the most people make sure that you ask for your pizza catering company to recommend both popular and unusual toppings. Naturally, you’ll want go-to toppings like Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, and the works. However, don’t forget to add other toppings like feta cheese, chicken, ham, green olives, spinach, and more. Don’t forget vegetarian options as well.

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Crust Types

Nowadays, you have plenty of options in terms of the crust. You can get a crispy thin crust, pan, or classic. As well, many times if you ask for it, you can try some toppers for your crusts like garlic or Parmesan cheese.

Side Dishes

Although pizza offers plenty of variety in its own right, giving people the option of salad, bread sticks, and other side dishes adds to the dining experience. And some of these options are less expensive than the pizza, which means that you can offset some of the cost. For example, bread sticks with sauce may reduce the cost by allowing you to get by with fewer pizzas.

Helpful Hints

Clearly, you have plenty to think about when it comes to having mobile pizza catering at your wedding. You might find it helpful when you send out invitations to ask people to RSVP and to name some of their preferences. Take a look at the area and find out numbers, if you need advice on capturing this information see beautiful wedding memories which is a good go to guide for wedding planning, especially in this area.

A checklist card sent with the invitation is an easy option to accomplish this. Ask your guests to check off their preferences for pizza toppings, crusts, and side dishes. Send the cards out well in advance so that you can order your food in a timely manner.

Also check with the pizza company about storage option. If the company has an oven truck, your pizzas should stay warm until you’re ready to serve them.

Finally, ask your pizza company if it offers a price break for large orders. As well, find out what kinds of set up options the company’s mobile unit offers. You won’t want to worry about whether the food will get served properly on your special day, so check about this ahead of time.


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